2017! A New Year… OF VERY BIG THINGS!

Hello again, long time no see. I apologise for my very sloppy writing, I am not good at spelling or grammar. I think that it doesn’t matter too much if this is what I enjoy… right? Or maybe it does, if you can not deal with these things then please exit this blog now.

My name is Jade, I am an 18 year old girl who has so many special things happening in her life at the moment and I want to share this with you all. The only catch is, is that these will be revealed to you over time. Trust me the wait will be worth it. I promise.

Here I am starting my blog up again! I love writing and expressing my opinions and hopefully I am able to help some of you along the way. I just want to say that I am not the best writer but I do have passion and love for blogging and even vlogging. I have my very own YouTube video which I am actually very proud. The name of my channel is Jade Louise, I’ll leave a little link if you so happen to want to watch some videos with me in it. My YouTube channel 🙂

Anyways, so I guess thats all I have to say today, just WELCOME BACK TO MY BLOG! What a new and exciting adventure this will be. Please come and join me! My next post will be posted soon. I think my next post could help a lot of people!

see you soon,

Jade Louise x

(Yes there is a giant photo of me in a polar bear onesie being weird)


Driving and Arriving

The morning rooster, or in other words the lovely sound of the alarm clock woke us up; this however was a good thing. We showered, got dressed and then it was time load our pre packed suitcases into the car. I had packed all my essentials, my suitcase was filled to the brim with clothes and of course I took my penny board. After the car was packed to the top with luggage we jumped into the car to start our 5 hour journey to a beautiful location called Mowgan Porth which is a town in Cornwall right near the bottom of the U.K.

As the drive was a very long one my boyfriend and I decided to bring stuff to do in the car, we thought why not throw it back to the childhood days. We played Shrek top trumps as well as superhero top trumps (does anyone else remember playing them?) we also played with the small device called a tamagotchi (if you are usure what a tamagotchi is, it’s a child’s small computerised game where you have a ‘pet’) and we of course couldn’t leave out the Rubics cube. The car journey went on, Paul (my boyfriend) and I started to feel slightly tired because of the early morning start and the hours of travelling so we grabbed a nap so we could wake up and feel refreshed and revived! There was some traffic along the way but that soon passed.

WE ARRIVED! Paul, his parents and I pulled into the caravan park my first thought was ‘this week is going to be amazing’. We got the keys and and waited in anticipation to see what our caravan would be like, Pauls dad opened the door and we all rushed inside to see where we would be staying for a week in this lovely location. To my pleasant suprise the caravan smelt like fresh lemons and there was not a crumb of mess in sight. Paul and I then ran down the hall to pick which room we wanted, the rooms were fairly small but that was expected. We chose the room at the back of the caravan right next to where the second door to the caravan was. Once we sorted out the rooms we then headed out the car, grabbed our luggage as we wanted to check out the much talked about beach of Mawgan Porth.

When I first laid eyes upon Morgan Porth beach I was amazed. I couldn’t believe how soft and yellow the sand was, or the bright blue sea water crashing against the tall cliffs that I stood in ore of. Paul and I went to the payphone to tell my mum that I had arrived safely was there was no signal in the hills of Cornwall, I left her voicemail message. After that we decided that it was getting late and that we should go back to the caravan and explore the caravan sight more. Once we got back to the caravan sight we went straight to the ‘Games Room’ where to our surprise there was a pool table, a fuse ball table, a minion grabber machine, a 2p machine, an air hockey table and we there were 3 retro gaming systems. My boyfriend Paul was very enthusiastic when he saw the pool table.

After more exploring we decided that we should get some sleep as it had been a long day of travelling and exploring. We were very excited to start this week of adventure together. Believe me there will be a lot of fun, happiness and things you wouldn’t believe that had happened during this trip. I can’t wait to post what happened the following day.

Thank you for reading, speak to you soon, bye

Much love from JadeLouise x


Welcome back, holiday! 

Hello welcome back to my blogs, I’m sorry to say I haven’t posted for a while due to college commitments, however I am back and excited to start my blog up again. 

I am doing a series of blogs about my holiday in Cornwall which I visited with my boyfriend and his family. I will be doing 8 blogs following the different activities that we got up to day by day. We tried new things and saw the most beautiful beaches and got a little bit sunburnt (especially my boyfriend)! 

Join me by tuning into my blogs to see the adventure, laughs and fun that holiday can be. I can’t wait to share this experience with you 🙂 

JadeLouise 🙂 

New Love For Life

Hello guys 🙂

What a lovely reunion after what seems like a long time without writing a post on here. I would give you an excuse but I don’t have one. So lets go right into this blog…

I have felt rather down in the dumps lately, I realised this is because my head was still in the past. I was then talking to my dad about not feeling myself and feeling depressed and not being able to move on from past situations.

To this he replied “How do you feel if a normal ordinary glass breaks?”

and I said “Well its just a glass, in the end it doesn’t matter”

after that he then went on to say “Well that is like the past then, you may have moments where you feel like things aren’t going your way or you feel sad about certain things, but then, just like that broken glass it is in the past, so why hold onto the sadness and guilt, just move on.”

I thought about this for a moment and I felt a little bit puzzled, then I realised what this meant. If you broke a glass you may care for a little but the guilt goes, the worry goes, the sadness goes. This should be like every problem, leave your old problems with that broken glass and that is in the past. Let go of guilt. Let go of anger. Let go of upset.

Since my dad spoke to me I have been living by this principle. It worked. I learnt how to let go of the people who were negative and all the negative thoughts I had.

Its time to live life not just past through it.

Goodbye till next time 🙂 Don’t forget to celebrate life x


Hello guys! 

New blog post today, so I wanted to talk about my YouTube channel. I am working super hard at making my Vlogs and editing them, it takes up so so much more time than you think.

I am doing Vlogs on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s. 

I am having a channel launch on the 17th of April, it is super exciting as I will then be posting good quality and well thought out videos every Sunday. 

I have lifestyle videos, beauty, fashion and makeup videos planned out, there are 15 ideas that I want to create. 

Please join this journey with me. 

Follow my Twitter @thekittyariana and you will find all the links you need.

Thank you for reading 

Jade Lousie 


Stress is a weird emotion, it can make you feel upset, angry and even ill. 

I have made a list of some advice that may be useful! 

  • Write down tasks so that you can organise your thoughts. Tick the list off once you have accomplished the task that you have set yourself. Make sure that you reward yourself after completing a task to keep your motivation going. 
  • Don’t struggle alone. Talking to someone about what you are stressed about can be a massive help as they may have ideas/solutions. 
  • Try not to loose sleep over things. If you are stressed and you struggle to sleep instead of drinking coffee, going on your phone and watching TV. Have warm milk, turn off the electrics and close your eyes and try to clear your mind. 
  • If the problem you are having will not be an issue in 5 years time it’s not worth making your self ill over it. Just take each day at a time.

I hope that these tips will help you and that you can feel better about the things that you are stressed about. 

If you want any further information then feel free to email me at: 


Be happy. Be positive. You are strong. 

Filming Day

On friday the  11th of March I embarked on a new adveture of being a director for a short Murder Mystery drama called ‘One After Another’.

The day was amazing, we all met at the location where the first scenes were filmed which was at a river walk. We met there at 8:30am, we started filiming at 9:30am. The filming near to where I live then came to an end at 11am, we walked into town and waited for the bus. We grabbed some lunch when we got back to my college.

After lunch it was time to then film the scenes where the suspects for the muder were getting intergiated and then the scenes with the detectives doing re-search about the murdered girls.

It was an amazing experience and I loved every second of the day. I am so thankful to those that helped me throughout the day.