Getting back to life

Getting back into school, college, university or work can be a difficult challenge after a break away from it. So I have created some tips and trick to relieve the stress and anxiety’s of it.

  • Get your bag ready the night before make sure you have everything you need so that you aren’t rushing in the morning which was make you stress from running late.
  • Pick your outfit out the day before, this can help as picking an outfit can be tricky and time consuming.
  • Have a relaxing evening, this can help the next day as if you go to bed feeling positive then you are more likely to wake up with the same mind set.
  • Get plenty of sleep, you should have at least 7-9 hours asleep every night to feel re charged and have energy.
  • Make sure you check that you have done any work the night before so you aren’t worried that there is a piece of work you haven’t completed that is due in the next day.
  • Wake up with a positive mindset that the day will be good.
  • If you are super nervous think about plans that you will do after school, college, work or university.

So these are just a few tips, tricks and life hacks to help getting back into your routine after having a holiday or time off. Hope it helps 🙂


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