Jealousy is a very horrible thing to experience, whether that is you feeling jealous or someone being jealous of you. 
Being jealous of someone else for:

• Clothes 

• Money 

• Relationship 

And there are so so many more things that people get jealous of. Everyone has felt jealous now and then but it’s how you deal with you feelings. Instead of wishing you had someone’s life you should find all the positive things about your own life and what items/things you are thankful for. Don’t compare yourself to others. 
People can also show jealousy towards you however it’s not right if someone isn’t very nice to you because of it. So I have some tips to deal with it: 

• Ignore what they say – this may be very difficult to do but just let it brush over you because they want what you have and that’s their problem if they are going to be mean about it 

• Remove yourself from the situation – if they are your ‘friend’ distance yourself from them as if they are being nasty they are clearly not your true friend. 

• It’s your life – just remember that you can post on social media what you got, or about you relationship ect at the end of the day it’s your life if they get jealous and mean then it is easy enough for them to unfollow. 

To sum up, try to be happy with what you already have and be happy for others if they have someone/something great. If you are getting bullied due to jealousy try to remove yourself from them, ignore them and remember they are the ones that are jealous of you so keep doing what you doing because you are clearly amazing 😌❤️


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