Driving and Arriving

The morning rooster, or in other words the lovely sound of the alarm clock woke us up; this however was a good thing. We showered, got dressed and then it was time load our pre packed suitcases into the car. I had packed all my essentials, my suitcase was filled to the brim with clothes and of course I took my penny board. After the car was packed to the top with luggage we jumped into the car to start our 5 hour journey to a beautiful location called Mowgan Porth which is a town in Cornwall right near the bottom of the U.K.

As the drive was a very long one my boyfriend and I decided to bring stuff to do in the car, we thought why not throw it back to the childhood days. We played Shrek top trumps as well as superhero top trumps (does anyone else remember playing them?) we also played with the small device called a tamagotchi (if you are usure what a tamagotchi is, it’s a child’s small computerised game where you have a ‘pet’) and we of course couldn’t leave out the Rubics cube. The car journey went on, Paul (my boyfriend) and I started to feel slightly tired because of the early morning start and the hours of travelling so we grabbed a nap so we could wake up and feel refreshed and revived! There was some traffic along the way but that soon passed.

WE ARRIVED! Paul, his parents and I pulled into the caravan park my first thought was ‘this week is going to be amazing’. We got the keys and and waited in anticipation to see what our caravan would be like, Pauls dad opened the door and we all rushed inside to see where we would be staying for a week in this lovely location. To my pleasant suprise the caravan smelt like fresh lemons and there was not a crumb of mess in sight. Paul and I then ran down the hall to pick which room we wanted, the rooms were fairly small but that was expected. We chose the room at the back of the caravan right next to where the second door to the caravan was. Once we sorted out the rooms we then headed out the car, grabbed our luggage as we wanted to check out the much talked about beach of Mawgan Porth.

When I first laid eyes upon Morgan Porth beach I was amazed. I couldn’t believe how soft and yellow the sand was, or the bright blue sea water crashing against the tall cliffs that I stood in ore of. Paul and I went to the payphone to tell my mum that I had arrived safely was there was no signal in the hills of Cornwall, I left her voicemail message. After that we decided that it was getting late and that we should go back to the caravan and explore the caravan sight more. Once we got back to the caravan sight we went straight to the ‘Games Room’ where to our surprise there was a pool table, a fuse ball table, a minion grabber machine, a 2p machine, an air hockey table and we there were 3 retro gaming systems. My boyfriend Paul was very enthusiastic when he saw the pool table.

After more exploring we decided that we should get some sleep as it had been a long day of travelling and exploring. We were very excited to start this week of adventure together. Believe me there will be a lot of fun, happiness and things you wouldn’t believe that had happened during this trip. I can’t wait to post what happened the following day.

Thank you for reading, speak to you soon, bye

Much love from JadeLouise x



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