Valentines Day

What I did for Valentines Day:

So not only was it Valentines Day it was also my boyfriends birthday. For his birthday I got him some new shoes, black jeans that he wanted and then for Valentines day I had gotten him a ring and he loved all the presents so yay I succeeded there.

 The day stated off with him surprising me with my card and 12 red roses while I was sitting in bed. He had made a gorgeous card for me with a lovely long message and photos of us inside. Not to get soppy but here it goes anyway, my heart melted it was so cute.

We then got ready and left to go to the Pandora shop where he had brought me a lovely bow ring! I got spoilt rotten. It was time for lunch, we had a burger each and some chips, we then walked around the town, I of course dragged him in all of the shops, such as clothes shops and a pet shop!

A little later we went to the cinema and watched the film DeadPool and we both really enjoyed the movie, it had many funny moments in 🙂

After the movie had finished we had reservations for a restaurant called Café Uno it was a lovely place and I had one of my favourite meals which was Meatballs and Spaghetti. While we were eating it started to snow which was a magical moment. When I had gotten back to his he brought me after eights as I love those chocolates and I am waiting for my gorgeous 4ft teddy bear to arrive! he literally spoilt me and I am so thankful.


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