New Love For Life

Hello guys 🙂

What a lovely reunion after what seems like a long time without writing a post on here. I would give you an excuse but I don’t have one. So lets go right into this blog…

I have felt rather down in the dumps lately, I realised this is because my head was still in the past. I was then talking to my dad about not feeling myself and feeling depressed and not being able to move on from past situations.

To this he replied “How do you feel if a normal ordinary glass breaks?”

and I said “Well its just a glass, in the end it doesn’t matter”

after that he then went on to say “Well that is like the past then, you may have moments where you feel like things aren’t going your way or you feel sad about certain things, but then, just like that broken glass it is in the past, so why hold onto the sadness and guilt, just move on.”

I thought about this for a moment and I felt a little bit puzzled, then I realised what this meant. If you broke a glass you may care for a little but the guilt goes, the worry goes, the sadness goes. This should be like every problem, leave your old problems with that broken glass and that is in the past. Let go of guilt. Let go of anger. Let go of upset.

Since my dad spoke to me I have been living by this principle. It worked. I learnt how to let go of the people who were negative and all the negative thoughts I had.

Its time to live life not just past through it.

Goodbye till next time 🙂 Don’t forget to celebrate life x


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